About Us

About Us


We were beginning from the hardware manufacturing , with many years of international brand OEM experience.At 2014, new name Taiwan Xin Guo International Co., Ltd. to sustainable development,
We always uphold the "Quality" and "Efficiency" and "Faith" for the company's business philosophy and operating principles,
Adhere to all products are required to the most stable production quality and integrity of the spirit as the company's brand and image of the foundation.

In the company's continuous improvement, perseverance and efforts, has so far won the trust of all customers, also in the hardware industry under a good reputation and model,
The future of the company will continue to enhance the manufacturing expertise and competitiveness, to provide better quality products, professional management and sophisticated services,
Establish more win-win business performance with customers, to achieve the goal of sustainable development.


Improve the pre-production operations and strict inspection, a complete record of the production process as a guarantee of quality.
The establishment of the S.O.P standard operating processes, and to do an efficient production management.

The use of multi-schedule control production progress: the raw materials, outsourcing, OEM and factory production control to do a combination of collusion control,
And regularly review the implementation of the results, to achieve the scheduled completion and delivery of the target, to ensure that the interests of customers.

"Sincerely Wealth", the Company uses "honesty and trustworthiness" as its founding foundation. Over the years, based on the principle of "stable raw material quality" and "no delay in production week"
Establish a corporate image, "good faith" will also continue to be an important foundation for the sustainable development of the Company.

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